Start-up seminar and Northern Light Economics

At the beginning of December researchers were gathered in Tromsø to kick off the Project, and discuss economic issues related to those in the Project. The host of the Northern Light Economics seminar was the Research Group for Marine Resource Economics, MRE, at Norwegian College for Fisheries Science, an institute at UiT – Arctic University of Norway. In addition to Project participants, expert Group and Reference Group for the Project, MRE researchers and especially invited researchers who are Close collaboraters With the MRE researchers, participated. The seminar counted altogether about 35 persons.

While day 1 and 3 of the seminar were dedicated to project-related questions and issues, day 2 offered a wide array of presentations within environmental and Natural Resource economics (see program). The purpose of this day was to Place the Project into a wider context and use experiences and knowledge from previous Projects and Research to get a “flying start”.


Although Professional presentations and discussions within environmental and Natural Resource economics was at the core of the seminar, the Northern Light excursion at the first evening and night was a main attraction. Being cloudy in Tromsø, Our Northern light guide, a former professor in physics, took us to one of the few Places were the Northern light was actually visible that evening. There, in the dark wilderness, gathered around a small bonfire, seminar participants could see how the Northern light started to develop as a thin, thin greenish line in the sky, and then growing gradually until it exploded in green and yellow and covered large parts of the sky. It did not last long, but it was definitely breathtaking!!!

The kick-off Meeting ended With lunch on day 3, and by then Project participants and expert Group had much agreed on how to proceed With the work. And for those interested in following the work of the Project, you will find regularly updates on these pages.

To get a follow-up on the presentations of this meeting click HERE.

The seminar group (Photo: Margrethe Aanesen)

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