The main objectives


To investigate how global changes and human activities affect the use and importance of ecosystem services (ES) spatially and across groups of people, the main objective is;

Recognizing that global changes in climate and human activities may affect utilization of marine ecosystem services (ES) in the northernmost part of Norway. By providing reliable monetary and non-monetary values of marine ecosystem services in an amended cost-benefit analysis (CBA) framework and as input in bio-economic models the project aims to deliver improved tools for decision-making on trade-offs between different uses of marine ecosystem services spatially and across stakeholders.

Furthermore four secondary objectives have been identified:

i. To formulate private and commercial activities in terms of their actual dependence on marine ES, and make explicit the connection between the extent and distribution of ES and human welfare.

ii. To amend the standard CBA framework and bio-economic models to better include non-monetary values, equity and stakeholder concerns

iii. To demonstrate valuation methods in region-specific case studies

iv. To investigate how value information can be used for analysis of trade-offs in policy development.


Two overarching research questions will also be addressed;

i. How can theoretically sound and practically relevant valuation methods be adapted and employed to marine ecosystem services?

ii. How can monetary and nonmonetary ecosystem service valuation results be combined, analysed and presented within a CBA framework and bio-economic models to better inform management of marine ecosystem services?


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