Research published in peer-reviewed journals is the primary output of scientific investigation, and serves to highlight key results and new understanding. These publication are the result of research across all the work packages of MareS.

– As the project proceeds, we will be publishing our results here

The project emphasizes in a higher degree on communication and outreach of the work and research.

In the course of the project we will set up an open meeting at the department of UiT-Arctic University of Norway in Alta, Finnmark, hopefully broadcasted, to discuss the planned expansion of the mining industry in Finnmark county.

We plan to arrange a field trip to potential aquaculture locations for politicians and other stakeholders in the aquaculture case in the Tromso-region. This will be made in cooperation with the department office of the Norwegian broadcasting company (NRK-Troms).

Finally, the case-studies in the project will be made available for students at UiT as part of the teaching game SIMFish.

Additionally there will be published several papers in peer-reviewed journals, as well as through popular scientific channels.

– As the project proceeds, we will be channeling our communication here

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